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Terrace to the Slope and Beyond, via Gowanus

Happy T-Day everyone! With a long hall pass from my school gig, I decided to combine biz with touring, and run all of my errands aboard the MTA Brooklyn buses - a sort of neighborhoods tour. From Windsor Terrace, round about here and there, and to downtown, my chariots were the B69, B75, and B67.

The B69 is relatively pleasant and got me to my errands, but for touring options, the B75 wins hands down. Starting at Greenwood Cemetery, heading down Prospect Park West, Ninth Street and Smith, this sweet ride offers a way-cool tour of Windsor Terrace, Park Slope, Gowanus (my favorite part of the trip), and Cobble Hill.

After being ferried back to Windsor Terrace by the Sweet 75, it was time to commence the second leg of the journey ... the B67 into deep Park Slope, Lincoln and 7th Ave. (I know, sounds daunting - especially with the rep the B67 has.) Suffice it to say, the notoriously-missing-and-late B67, combined with prime-Slope after school kids and nannies ... well, it was a mess. A hot, crowded, snotty, French-speaking mess. I got off ten blocks shy of my Windsor Place stop, and walked. Curiosities and fun facts follow.

1. Why are all these kids little elementary post-todds? Where are the older ones? Burning cars, I guess.
2. Why are they all speaking French? Kids & nannies included. All speaking French. WTF?
3. I saw the yellow umbrellas. They seem small. They are indeed yellow.
4. Why is the Minerva building so incredibly ugly, and who the hell would live there?

It looks like some Alias-themed high security industrial complex. Ah well, no accounting for taste. (Or French.)

(smith street and b69photos courtesy of eisenvater's photostream at flickr.com)
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