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ickyinbrooklyn wrote
on December 3rd, 2007 at 05:38 pm

Crazy Holidays, Crazy Tales, Crazy Crafts

Happy crazy New York City holidays!

So many things to see in our fair borough of Brooklyn, so much to get done, and so much to do! Most of the Icky holiday time is being spent hand-crafting and addressing creative pursuits. For more on that, and tons of great Brooklyn-based gift ideas, check out the post below. It's a compendium of handmade gift ideas, all crafted here in Brooklyn.

Adding to the crazy, "The Sad, Sad Saga of Icky and the Brooklyn Paper" continues on its path to near-operatic (or Beckett-like?) proportions. You might recall my Rather Opinionated Post concerning my poor opinion of The Brooklyn Paper. As the sordid tale wears on, it seems Editor Mr. K and AdMan Mr. Ross have decided to fight snark with snark - I am not only back on the hot-links mailing list, but I am now receiving "breaking news" updates, and emails from Mr. K himself. No matter, dear readers. The year is 2007, and the amazing Icky Spam Filter has been set to its task. God speed, Spam Filter.

In local Windsor Terrace news, a Blog-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named seems to be posting on the exact same topics I have written on in the past, which is really irritating. C'est la vie. All in the family, I suppose. Grrrr. However, I am excited to add ... my neighbor Oppendonnell wrote to say that Dub Pies on Prospect Park West is open, and was handing out free samples today! (Mmmm. Pies.)

Otherwise, Happy December, New Yorkers! I'm looking forward to being back full time once the holidays wind down, and in the time being, please rely on these fine blogs for your Brooklyn news, trivia, candid photos, entertainment, and general good times -


photo of hot links courtesy of holy land brand
spam hot links populating my inbox courtesy of the brooklyn paper

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