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ickyinbrooklyn wrote
on December 9th, 2007 at 10:20 pm

The Windsor Terrace Eleven

Smartmom doesn't like all of the kids of the block. Some of the kids are mean. Some of the kids are way too funky for Smartmom. Smartmom used to be funky, but one day, she misplaced her funk on the way to the co-op. Icky bets Smartmom's funk is on display at the Old Stone House.

Let's face it, "If it's too loud, you're too old." Or maybe in this case, "if it's too funky, you're too clunky." Here then, dear readers, is a list of the Brooklyn Blogs (quite eminent in my estimation), that did not make The Baroness' list of "The Park Slope 100."

http://testofwill.blogspot.com/ - Stunning Brooklyn photos from Will Femia ... really gorgeous funky stuff.
http://abrooklynlife.com/ - Funk, facts, and fabulous fun from across Brooklyn and Downtown.
http://foundinbrooklyn.blogspot.com/ - Funky fotos and found stuff from Carroll Gardens and Gowanus.
http://greenpointers.blogspot.com/ - Yo, GP! BK funky fest, from our neighbors to the North.
http://lostnewyorkcity.blogspot.com/ - Excellent blog concerning NYC eating itself alive. Vintage Funk.
http://brooklynometry.blogspot.com/ - My funky friend Brooklynometry, also chronicling Windsor Terrace.
http://snakeoilemporium.typepad.com/ - The Rev's profane and wildly cool funk from Williamsburg.
http://sidewalkphotography.blogspot.com/ - Gorgeous foto blog dedicated to our funky streets, Brooklyn and abroad.
http://www.bedstuyblog.com/ - The always thorough (and always funky) chronicler of all things Bed Stuy.

And, our Bloggers Emeritus, who no one could fail to mention -

http://www.newyorkshitty.com/ - The funkiest of all. The mother of funk. Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss H.
http://britinbrooklyn.blogspot.com/ - BK, as seen through Brit's bike-propelled, superhero lens. Super cool snaps!
http://gowanuslounge.blogspot.com/ - The compendium. The BK source. The Living End.

Happy holidays, my stalwart Brooklyn blogging compatriots. You do the community a great service by continuing to chronicle our neighborhoods in your own words, through your own eyes, calling 'em like you see 'em. I take great pride in being in your company.

(I guess this means I've broken my promise to "no longer make fun of third-person columns bejeweled with cutsey-poo misnomers." Ah, well. All in the name of community-mided entertainment.)

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