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ickyinbrooklyn wrote
on December 10th, 2007 at 10:59 am

An Icky Photo Exclusive - The 8th Ave Condos

A little church on Eighth Avenue in Park Slope sold its 50x100 foot churchyard, one of the only never-ever built sites in Park Slope. (!) The plot, purchased by New York Property Fund, will soon sport ten condos. Opposed to a glass-and-steel box, the church chose their buyers purposely for their desire to build "in the character of the neighborhood." While the loss of a churchyard is a terrible shame, it is nice to have some assurance that 8th Ave's newest mini-manses will sport more qualilty than the recent rash of South Slope Stucco Shacks.

Only further construction will tell, but if the buyer's other properties (mostly restorations and four-wall retrofits) are any indication, this project looks awfully good. A quality building "in the character of the neighborhood" a block from Prospect Park a few feet from the subway in mid-slope sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Perhaps this will start a trend - new buildings that are actually nice to look at.

I had occasion to grab a view of the site a few weeks ago, and may I say, it is nice to see a local developer living up to their word. Everything in order, gates closed when they should be, permits in place, a spotless construction site, after hours permits in place (although I'm told they haven't really used them much), and special attention being paid to the 1888 building next door - the church building is nicely and properly shored-up and reinforced.

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