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ickyinbrooklyn wrote
on December 26th, 2007 at 01:19 pm

Good Deeds Done

Prospect Park and the Prospect Park Alliance provide Brooklynites with a wonderful gift all year long. However, community minded good news is especially good to hear at the holidays. Just before Christmas, 29 new members were inducted into the Prospect Park Youth Council, after completing a three month training course.

In addition, eight former members (now attending college) were inducted into the Alumni Program. The event was held at Prospect Park's historic Picnic House, with many of the members’ family and friends in attendance.

Prospect Park Youth Council Director, Orvil Minott (center front, kneeling) and Youth Council members.

The Prospect Park Youth Council is a youth empowerment leadership program that addresses the needs of both Brooklyn's youth and the Park. Teens interested in learning more about the Prospect Park Youth Council can call the Youth Programs Manager at (718) 854-4901, or stop by the Park’s Youth Resource Center at Bowling Green Cottage at Prospect Park Parade Ground on the corner of Caton and Coney Island Avenues. The Center is open Tuesday through Saturday, 3 - 7 p.m.

In partnership with the City of New York and the community, the Prospect Park Alliance restores, develops, and operates Prospect Park for the enjoyment of all by caring for the natural environment, preserving historic design, and serving the public through facilities and programs. Prospect Park’s 585 acres of meadows, waterfalls, forest, lakes, and athletic facilities comprise a masterwork of urban green space.

photo courtesy of prospect park alliance
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