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Icky Reflections on 2007

As we approach the New Year (and our Half-a-Birthday), I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the ickiest stories of 2007. Many thanks to new friends, and the BK and NYC blogging community. As I am fond of saying, I love 'em for calling 'em like they see 'em. Ergo, I have listed the links to my fellow bloggers here, rather than links to my own stories. If you'd like to see the story, just follow the links through. Happy New Year, Brooklyn!

In the "Easily Irritated" department, I was pleasantly surprised when the New York Times linked to my Impassioned Open Letter to the Brooklyn Bead Emporium. See you in Hell, bead girl.

Speaking of irritating, the big story of the year was undoubtedly my healthy dislike of the Brooklyn Paper (Smartmom's column in particular). Funny how the cheap stuff sells, eh? Ah, well. I'm sure the Brooklyn Paper is familiar with that theory. Poor Smartmom. Smartmom is lucky that Rag Man likes poodle-poo-clucky-duck writing, isn't Smartmom? My Brooklyn Paper rant (and tons of responses, some from the Rag Man himself) was linked to by McBrooklyn in Icky Really, Really, Really Doesn't Like the Brooklyn Paper, and the Icky "Windsor Terrace Eleven" was reported many places, including the eminent Gowanus Lounge.

A frequent point of consternation here in Windsor Terrace is the half-a-neighborhood that was torn down to build the Prospect Expressway. Back in October, I found some old pictures of families that were displaced, and went on a total History Detectives thing. New York Magazine helped me out by wondering, "What would this fifties family think if they knew that the home they vacated to make room for the Prospect Expressway is now the site of a dumpy unused park? That's a shondah."

As readers know, there is a serious fondness for Brooklyn history here at Icky. Being of theatre-folk stock, the fate of the Flatbush Kings theatre prompted a research bender for a story about "The Subway Circuit," which as Curbed mentioned, "isn't something that is going to go wrong tonight with some signals to screw up the 4 Train." It's an old tale about how Broadway used to come to Brooklyn. The Broadway production of "Death of a Salesman" on Flatbush? We gotcha covered. Fugeddaboutit.

A great deal of scholarly fun went into a story concerning Neighborhood Name Rage and how fussy we are about our Brooklyn monikers. What did I find? That most of Park Slope used to be Prospect Heights, there really was a Greenwood Heights back in the day, and that Sunset Park was originally Bay Ridge. This post was much linked to, including Brownstoner discussion boards, and on NYC's very own Real Estate Bible, Curbed.

Puns are rife here at Icky, and among all the year's scholarly stories, my personal favorite recalled the "Shameful and Dirty" past of some of our venerated Brooklyn cultural institutions ... Edwardian era murder, adultry, elephant crap, and classic processional arcitecture, in Murder, Manure, McKim, Mead, & White.

Happy New Year, Brooklyn!

brooklyn museum photo courtesy of apium's photostream at flickr.com
prospect heights high school photo courtesy of brooklyn public library, brooklyn collection
deprisco family photo courtesy of brooklyn public library, brooklyn collection



What I like about the blog is that it's pure. You're not free advertising for friends or wanna-be friends. You're not trying to be the Grand High Pooh-Bah of Brooklyn bloggers. And you write in the first person. No royal "we" that some bloggers use like Tiny Tim's wooden appendage.
Keep on doing what you're doing, and kind of like my hockey skates, to keep their edge they must be sharpened once in a while!
Happy New Year!
That's very kind of you to say - thanks so much. It's a pleasure to write, and pleasure to research some of these stories. Best wishes for 2008!