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Oct. 13th, 2007

East Side Story: Crossroads Cafe

Needing some snaps of Prospect Avenue for a post later in the week, I decided to combine pleasure with pleasure and check out Windsor Terrace's own Crossroads Cafe. (Prospect Ave & Reeve Pl, right above the Fort Hamilton stop on the F.) My destination was chosen partially out of culinary ennui ... I am growing weary of the food on Prospect Park West.

Crossroads is a great little coffee shop with a little bit of neighborhood grill thrown in. Cafe au lait and pastries are on the menu (and today, mushroom quiche), but egg-and-cheese-on-a-roll or a great ham-and-cheese (all made with quality goods) can be readily had. However, the thing that immediately stands out is the staff. I think I might have even had a religious experience. Here's why: In an ever-growing world of I-don't-care-if-you-shop-here-or-not, I have really come to appreciate a staff like Crossroads' - friendly, helpful, and genuinely interested.

If you're on the Holy Name end of the neighborhood, take a walk East. This place is great.

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Sep. 2nd, 2007

Of Pizzas and Pod People

Here's hoping Enzo is a real person.

The latest culinary contender on the WT Rialto is Enzo's. I believe this officially brings the list to - Pizza, Diner, Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, Muffins, Moroccan, Italian, Hot Dog Counter, Thai, and Spanish. (No wonder we're being invaded.)

But back to Enzo's. I see a good lookin' brick oven inside, and nice interior that isn't all post modern or generic. Looks like real mood. We'll see. The reno has taken quite a while. (The storefront was formerly occupied by an Indian place that did not last long.) At first I thought of Enzo as being in direct competition with DaVincenzo up the street (the "other 'Enzo?), but now I'm not so sure. Vincenzo is more of a "big entrees with wine" place. We could use a good quality brick oven "nice" pizza joint here.

The proximity to the Pavilion Theater may be keep it going nicely. Hope it doesn't become a Pod People stroller parking lot.

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