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Aug. 2nd, 2007

No, Kenny G is Not Playing on 16th Street

Most common question asked by confused Manhattanites on the streets of Windsor Terrace? "Which way is Prospect Park?" You can tell by the "huh?" look on their face when they exit the subway. With the sultry Summer promise of ultra-hip yuppie fare in the bandshell, like, say ... The Neville Brothers, they flock. They have not carefully examined a map. They have made the assumption that a stop called "Prospect Park" is going to put them at least in view of said park.

The confusion: The station extends three blocks past the park. Depending on which of the five egresses you choose to patronize, you could easily end up dumped out on the the stoop of a rowhouse in the middle of residential Windsor Terrace. To make matters more amusing, the corner of Prospect Park West is nearby, which seems like a clue; but you can't see the park from there.

The moral of this story? Ride at the back of the train, and you shall surely find your reward ...