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Around the Neighborhood

Feeling a little battered this week, I stopped of at the new CHINESE ACCUPRESSURE CENTER at 7th Ave and 16th Street today for a thirty minute appointment.

My only real beef was that it was pretty noisy - you can hear the door swooshing open (a lot), the windows rattle every time the door opens, a decent amount of loud talking from the staff. Not too troubling, but peace and quiet goes a long way towards making you feel comfortable when you're essentially naked under a towel on the other side of a curtain. That said, the staff knows their stuff and I came out feeling great. The prices are definitely great - $30 for 30 minutes, $60 for a hour. As a bonus, the ladies were very, very sweet and I got a tiny little cup of Chinese tea when I left.

Our local pet stuff store ALL FOR PAWS continues to sell off remaining inventory. Store staff are still hoping to move up the block (Windsor/Prospect), and are waiting to hear if they have been given the lease on the space.

Carpenters were working in the old/new WESTERN UNION space today. Wood going in and out, but I didn't have a chance to stop and ask if there was a tenant yet.

Rumors have begun to circulate that our local tween school HOLY NAME might not be around next year. (This is completely neighborhood chatter, for what it's worth.) Although talk of empty classrooms, low enrollment, and vacant floors is pretty common, this is the first rumor I had heard of a closing. I wonder what one does with a big Catholic school building if the school closes.

UPDATE 9/28 - According to a neighbor, there had been difficulty in the past, but a recent upswing in the school's fortunes ensures that Holy Name is on better footing than it had been previously, and in fact, enrollment is up.