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South Slope and the Worst Park Ever

The caption from the 1950s reads, "Where are we to go? One of the families yet to be relocated from the site of the Prospect Expressway is the DePrisco family. Mrs. Angie DePrisco and her three children, Geraldine, 7, Joan, 5, and Ralph, 2, stand in front of their cold water flat at 336 17th St."

The lower photo is the site of the DePrisco's home in 2007 - a disused, gated and locked Community Garden contained within a fairly barren park, in the South Slope. It's just off 7th Ave, edging the side of the Prospect Expressway. Funny thing is, much of the Prospect Expressway is lined with (sometimes nice, sometimes even really nice) vest-pocket parks, especially on the South side of Windsor Terrace. Many are tiny. This one is pretty big. Speaking in the vernacular of the day, "What a dump."

What would Mrs. DePrisco think?

1950s photo courtesy of the Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Collection
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little parks

i like the little parks along the expressway..they almost make up for the fact that they built this thing through windsor terrace...sad to see that this one is so unused..

Re: little parks

Thanks for the comment! I like the little parks too (except for this sad one, I guess). As a matter of fact, I was considering taking pictures of them all and doing a blog entry on them tomorrow!


This park is not unused. It is always full of neighborhood adults and children. The summer sees barbeques and the benches are always filled.
I have lived right around the corner for a number of years. The gated garden is not a public space. But the rest of the park is and has lovely flowers planted throughout it.
Other than the area immediately on 7th Avenue, it certainly looks pretty grim. However, in the interest of fairness, I will swing by the park this week again, take some long shots, and re-post.