November 15th, 2007

Commisarial Intrigue

The recent new-businesses announced in Windsor Terrace came like a heap of early Christmas presents. Perhaps that's not the case. Of the businesses that started hanging shingles in August, none have opened.

Most folks got their first peek at Enzo's - our rumored new brick oven pizza joint - back in late Summer. Faux rock or not, there was much rejoicing. They never opened. The interior looks near-done, if not done. Inspection problems? Permits? The (now legend) molded cement sign and facade recently got poked and prodded - accompanied by weird sanding marks, scorching, and paint drips.

The much-bemoaned closing of our local pet store came with the news of owner (and colorful neighborhood character) Jackie's death. Good news followed. The other-lady was going to open a new store down the street. A sign went up in the new space! Then, a rather angry message appeared in the old space. And of course, they never opened.

The old Western Union space has fared a little better, with the big yellow sign coming down quickly, a tailor already open and pastry & meatpie shop planned. The tailor(ess) zipped open in a flash, and it's a cute little shop. There's always a nice dress in the window. There was a burst of work on the DUB Pies side, but not much activity lately. (Though we really can't complain - it's only been a few weeks.)

In meat pie trivia, few of us can anticipate such a shop without seriously flahing back to the plot of Sweeney Todd. (Wouldn't THAT be a great addition to the neighborhood?!) Inserting the word "Brooklyn" into Sondheim's lyrics has provided hours of enjoyment. Meanwhile, we're keeping that to ourselves ... DUB Pies has surely heard all the Sweeney Todd jokes they care to.

Still, I'm putting all my wishing chips in the meat pie column. If you can't get excited about meat pies, what can you get excited about?

pasties photo courtesy of andrew d miller's photostream at


A MINOR LATE EDITION UPDATE - Something is happening over at the old Universal Video space, although the guys working on clearing it out could not tell me what. Seems like they are clearing out the retail space for a new tenant ... and it seems like someone forgot to leave the key to the basement hatch.