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January 10th, 2008

Adieu, Dear Readers

Or, in Brooklynese, "So long, youse guys!"

Are we, as a society, completely programmed to feel when the calendar flips, changes are afoot? In my little chunk of Windsor Terrace, that truly has been the case. Blogging for me has always about self-expression, an outlet. Lately, however, some of my other long-term-goal outlets have come to fruition. That is, my outlets have exceeded my inputs.

What I mean to say is, I am retiring Icky.

More personally, I simply need the time and focus for other pursuits. As the second half of my life (the cozy, quiet, gloriously boring part) begins and the first half ends, I find myself making some changes, and needing time to get some of those geriatric pursuits pursued. (Namely, there's a run-down house in the mountains that my partner and I happen to own, and the old pile needs my attention.)

Have I run out of things to say? Perhaps. Probably more accurately, my mind is elsewhere, and these days I am more enamored of shingle styles, cedar stain, spruce trees, and a new pump for the well. (I'm not kidding.)

I truly have had a lovely time, learned much from my elders, and I am a much better educated New Yorker for my blogging experience. I hope readers will remember the good stuff. (And ignore the bad stuff.) My passion for Brooklyn history and the old days is well covered in other blogs - especially at http://lostnewyorkcity.blogspot.com/index.html - and I hope you'll visit them often. All the posts will remain here. I (humbly) think there is a good deal of Brooklyn history reporting in the archive.

As always, please keep up with my list of favorites over on the right of this page. For your Windsor Terrace fix, I heartily recommend my WT neighbor, http://brooklynometry.blogspot.com/. Amarilla does an excellent job and chronicles the neighborhood in a interesting and fun way.

And really, dear readers, sometimes there are signs. Check out the photo Brooklynometry posted today!

Go into the light, Icky.

photo courtesy of brooklynometry