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An Icky Photo Exclusive - The 8th Ave Condos

A little church on Eighth Avenue in Park Slope sold its 50x100 foot churchyard, one of the only never-ever built sites in Park Slope. (!) The plot, purchased by New York Property Fund, will soon sport ten condos. Opposed to a glass-and-steel box, the church chose their buyers purposely for their desire to build "in the character of the neighborhood." While the loss of a churchyard is a terrible shame, it is nice to have some assurance that 8th Ave's newest mini-manses will sport more qualilty than the recent rash of South Slope Stucco Shacks.

Only further construction will tell, but if the buyer's other properties (mostly restorations and four-wall retrofits) are any indication, this project looks awfully good. A quality building "in the character of the neighborhood" a block from Prospect Park a few feet from the subway in mid-slope sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Perhaps this will start a trend - new buildings that are actually nice to look at.

I had occasion to grab a view of the site a few weeks ago, and may I say, it is nice to see a local developer living up to their word. Everything in order, gates closed when they should be, permits in place, a spotless construction site, after hours permits in place (although I'm told they haven't really used them much), and special attention being paid to the 1888 building next door - the church building is nicely and properly shored-up and reinforced.



City records show the church was paid $3.8 million for that parcel. The developers are clearly in a hurry to get that building up. They started clearing the site just a few days after the property closed.
Amazing isn't it? $3.8 mil for a little 50x100 plot. Only in New York! My understanding is that other than setting aside a a chunk to restore the church facade, they've invested the money in an endowment.



What is the addresss?

Re: Address

8th Ave and 10th Street - It was not a building before, just the yard, so I'm not quite sure what the address was, maybe 1010 8th Ave?


1010 8th Ave?

Thanks for your help. Though given the property size of 115 x 100 for this space, this doesn't seem to reflect the 50 x 100 quoted earlier.

Also property shark.com and acris do not appear to show a sale for this property even though they show a condominium development.

Re: 1010 8th Ave?

The property was formerly 115 x 100, before half of it (the empty half) was divided and sold by the church. Perhaps the records have not updated yet. Trust me. There was much local newspaper coverage. You're welcome to go by and measure it.


Re: 1010 8th Ave?

For Instance -