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No Good Bead Goes Unpunished

My crafty pal Miss V and I made some hot and heavy plans to head over to Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill to gather some crafty provisions. This being the busy NYC holiday season, we planned several days in advance. Deciding we'd spend way-too-much, we made grand plans - buy some super fancy findings, and then eat in a nice cafe afterward.

Overtures were made. I was promised a fancy funky bead shop over yonder on Smith. Taking the weather into account, we put on our hoods and put up our umbrellas. We laughed at the sleet. We scoffed at the rain. Actually, we took the F train over ... so, mercifully, there wasn't that much freezing rain involved - until we arrived at the "Brooklyn Beads Boutique" at Smith and Douglass.

Dear Brooklyn Beads Boutique - Your website says you open at 12 noon. The sign on your door says you open at 12 noon. I am quite sure that the latte, the chai tea, the scone, the drycleaning, the shoe polish, the herbal digestion supplement, or whatever, was of the utmost importance. I'm sure it was worth leaving your customers - who made a special trip - quite literally, out in the rain. Your pink "Will Return Shortly" post-it is not cute and folksy. In fact, when standing in the freezing rain, it is rage-inducing. Yes, we know you returned at 12:20 (not "shortly" in my book). By then we had called a car service. We piled in our chariot bound for Manhattan as you, Brown Coat, unlocked the front door at precisely 12:21.

So much for buying local.

beads photo courtesy of mollycakes' photostream at flickr.com



Hey Icky, If you had stuck around maybe they would've given you those yellow umbrellas that they give out for free. Brooklyn ain't the same I tell ya.

Brooklyn Bum


Ah, that bloody bead shop. It has done the cutesy opening-late thing to me several times, but what really took the cake was asking them about hosting a birthday party for my crafty daughter and her friends. The response reminded me of Ursula the Waitress on the late lamented "Mad About You." Well, yeah, they can like, come, and we could, like, give them some beads and stuff. You could, like, bring a cake and stuff. I guess.
'Bye-bye...off we went to Painted Pot, where the staff is saintly, energetic, and knows the birthday-party drill backwards and forwards.
Oh, one more gripe: The bead place claims to have lessons, but it is mysteriously hard to get any actual information on them, (once, standing right in the store, I was told to check their website--I was tempted to ask to borrow their computer); and they never seem to offer a basic introductory class,just a pricey intro to one little technique. There's a much better store near Union Square West that I'm planning to check out soon.
Brenda from Flatbush
Thanks, Brenda! Yeah, seems like that kind of place. So aggravating! I've heard of the one over at Union Square. There's also a terrific "store only" one up in the notions area of the garment district, but it's for real and most of the sales are in bulk. It's a bit no-nonsense, but they have some great stuff. It's here - http://www.yorkbeads.com/