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An Early Holiday Gift

Every so often, as Found In Brooklyn and I were just discussing, a blog receives a critical anon comment, usually along the "I am a total jackass" lines. Okay, more than every-so-often. And just like a Christmas present from the Universe, I received a list of snarky questions today, posted by a reader who declines to leave his or her name (and who evidently doesn't believe in question marks). In the spirit of fair representation, I've left the commenter's misspellings and syntax errors in tact. Enjoy!

"first time I read your blog. What do you really have to say."

This is not a Sunday morning news program, jackass, nor is it a public service or a newspaper. It is not paid for by advertisers, there are no commercial breaks, and your public funds do not support it. It's mine. I get to say what I want. Some people like it. Some people don't. Evidently you don't. Why are you reading it? I don't read things I don't like. I would suggest the same for you.

"IT's all negative and I don't really get the pint."

Actually, it is not all negative, but I would agree that you don't get the point. As for a "pint," I would recommend Farrell's on Prospect Park West. You can get a pint there.

"Plus wtf do you care what lanuage people speak, or really any of your other myriad annoyances."

The post you are referring to concerned a bus ride though Park Slope. If you do not understand the humor and irony of a bus full of nannys and post-toddlers practicing their French aboard a Park Slope bus, once again - Yes. You do not get the point.

And in closing, I would submit - "What exactly is it that *you* have to say, Anon?" Perhaps you should start a blog, creating your own platform on which you can pontificate. It is a great deal of fun, and I enthusiastically recommend it!



Oh, man, thinking about a Farrell's pint right about now.
Just a real bar without pretense.
Aww - I just walked past Farrell's, where they know a pint when they see it ... didn't even think of stopping. Maybe during the week.




Screw 'em all (get your mind out of the gutter) you know what I mean! Who cares what they have to say, keep on blogging!

I'm jealous that you get to walk past Farrell's.

-Hoops coach

Re: Farrell's

My sentiments exactly, coach!
I love your blog. they can bite me.
Thanks, Opendonnell! (Incidentally, hope the kid stuff is working out nicely - I've been watching. Yikes and Best wishes!) WT and South End sticking together!
Thanks!! He's gorgeous. :-)