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Bits of Bytes

Thought it might be fun to bring some favorite bits from Icky comments this past week to the Front Page. (Predictably, Icky commenters get right to the point.)

On Our Issues with the Brooklyn Bead Emporium ... "Ah, that bloody bead shop!"

On This Very Blog (and Beer, Evidently) ... "It's all negative and I don't really get the pint."

On Standing in the Rain ... "If you stuck around maybe they would've given you one of those yellow umbrellas..."

On Criticism ... "Screw 'em all."

On Icky vs. Smartmom ... "takes a lot of energy to dis at this level. sniffle-piffle-wiffle. too funny"

Also On Icky vs. Smartmom ... "You're the anti-Smartmom."

On Smartmom ... "Who's smartmom?"




Great call


I like the idea of putting some comments on the front. I have many readers post their comments in the 'Leave a Comment' box.

With your permission I'm going to do the same...

-Hoops coach

Re: Great call

Post away, Coach!