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City Swat Teams, Busy Swat Teams

Ah, the Holidays. Today was, morning to late afternoon, the second (and final) big shopping day of the Icky Holiday Season. Making an assumption that Retail Rage is better kept far from home, I skipped Windsor Terrace and Park Slope and hit the Heights, Carroll Gardens, and Atlantic for most of the day. My little old driver was sluggish and slow, but for the B67, that was quite apropos.

Down Seventh Avenue to Flatbush (or, "The New Seventh Avenue"), I am always interested in the state of the "Leaf Wall" at the corner of Flatbush and 7th Ave. The progression usually goes like this - Pretty leaves painted on the wall, graffiti, pretty leaves painted on the wall, graffiti. You get the idea. However, as of today, some sort of art installation has sprouted. Couldn't tell if it is photos or clippings, but either way, a Park Slope Wall of Ephemera is growing on the side of the Billiard Parlor building.

Further down the Avenue and further down my shopping list, fate dealt me a weird coda. For years, I have always wondered about a shop on Flatbush near 5th Avenue called, "The Silver Button." (Its distinguisinhing feature being its doorhandles ... giant silver buttons.) It is a sort of ghetto-chic place, expensive but in a weird strip, in an awful location ... with tons of people going in and out all the time. Odd. Being an avid Conspiracy Theorist, I decided something shady must be going on. If only today ... something shady was going on. Or maybe Bruce Ratner had them evicted. The Marshals showed up in an unmarked car, went inside, ousted everyone in the shop, and secured the door. Bye bye, Silver Button.

It is great fun being a Conspiracy Theorist. Mostly because it provides you with an arsenal of wacky things to say at parties, and certainly, there is a Conspiracy Theory for every occasion. However, dear readers, being a Conspiracy Theorist also tends to make you paranoid. Ergo, I did *not* ask the nice Marshals why they were buttoning up the Silver Button. Probably the best determination, especially considering what happened to Miss Heather this afternoon ...

"It must have been slow at the good ol’ 94th Precinct today. That’s the only reason I can conjure up as to why they saw fit to throw some holiday cheer my direction by detaining me and demanding identification. Was I trespassing? No. Was I loitering? No. Was I dressed in a manner that would be construed as menacing? After demanding to know why I merited their attention - at least three times - I was told “someone reported a suspicious person was in the area taking pictures”. Is taking pictures against the law? Not as far as I know. But the line of questioning the (male) police officer posited to me would certainly suggest it is ..."

As readers might know, Miss H is the Proprietress of one of my favorite blogs, and graces our Brooklyn bandwidth with a great deal of terrific photos and commentary daily. Please visit Miss H over at New York Shitty to hear the conclusion of the story, and to her credit, you'll see some great snaps of area halls that are totally decked.
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The B67


Later for the bus, you need to walk! Nothing like a great walk through the 'hood.


Re: The B67

Heh! Good thought Steve - through Windsor Terrace anyway ... I'm allergic to Park Slope!